Jesus Christ (Son of God)

The bar was full when she came in and stood
by a column, to take shelter and while considering her situation she prayed to the god in her phone.

He immediately responded and directed her steps as she walked for a block and suddenly
she felt sad, as if something dear to her
was somewhere far away.

But G-d’s alter was close by and she decided to follow G-d’s direction and press on.

There were two seats open when she entered the bar and the young employee whose
sole responsibility was caring for the needs
of the patrons at the bar with the plywood top asked her what she wanted to have.

She told the young employee she’d like a red wine and just then, a man came over to the second empty chair and said he’d like the same.

“Two red wines,” and he held the first two index fingers of his left hand in a V
and when she looked over at him
she saw that it was Jesus.

God must have told him she’d be there because of their recent phone interaction, she thought to herself, but not before averting her eyes.

“So what do you like to do with your free time?”

Jesus started
to make small talk.

She told him that she likes to drink a red wine or two and have a laugh at the bar.

Jesus, stunned, slaps his pierced free hand on the plywood bar top and said that’s exactly what he likes to do with his free time too!

She looked back at him in awe, but then checked herself because what girl doesn’t know this play;
the whole “be relatable thing?”

Jesus just wanted to get in her pants, but then
she thought, there’s something genuine about him and his long blond hair flowing over freshly tailored, off-white linen robes and his eyes which
reminded her of late grandfather, Sven.

Jesus ordered more wine and she timidly asked about his, um, abilities…

Jesus guffaw’d and said that it’s not appropriate to perform magik in public and then they laughed about it together because now they were becoming drunk.

She covered her mouth and averted her eyes as she giggled, but Jesus touched her gently on the chin, turning her head towards his.

“I came here for you, you know.”

She leapt through his eyes into his deep blue soul and she asked if they could go somewhere holy.

Jesus knew just the spot.

He reached for his burlap sack of potato flour
so that he could pay the tab, but the young employee, though unfamiliar with Jesus Christ (Son of G-d),
felt an uncanny rush of generosity come
and he told Jesus not to worry about it.

The two stepped outside
and the moon cast long shadows from their lopsided statures, adding to the illumination of their already drunken glow.

She and Jesus stood there, looking and seeing and feeling one another with their eyes in the high contrast of natural moonlight against

the shade.
“I’ve wanted you since the day you were born.”

And she told him she was his.

Jesus Christ (Son of G-d), laid her down behind a shrub where the moonlight
was obscured by a large oak tree,
in an urban park, and he slid his tender, forsaken hands of sacrifice upwards her thigh and her breath began to shorten,

and he breathed on her face
as his holy fingers touched the very tip
of her clitoris and she came—
in complete and eternal silence, she came

for ever and ever, until death was vanquished and the ocean spat out the fish and the wet blubbering eyes of a broken house maid, were made to witness

pure beauty and the love of one so great.