I… C O M P O S E.

I view it as an attitude — a tenaciously mental approach to the construction of things.

To say, “I compose music”, denotes its production by an armory of constructs like pitch, mode, consonance, dissonance, chord, melody, timbre, color, rapport, duration, space, dimensionality, dynamic, symmetry, repetition and so on and so forth.

Each of these components are nothing more than ideas. And the power of a C O M P O S I T I O N lies in the fluency of ideas it wants to demonstrate.

To train my grip on an idea, I apply my knowledge of it here, and then there… in photography, film, stage, poetry, jujutsu, kitchens, closets, human relationships, businesses, investments etc.

By interdisciplinary work (and perhaps a zest for life, which is in itself an interdisciplinary art of sorts), I’ve become a C O M P O S E R.